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An Energetic Approach to the Healthy Body

Anatomy for Healers has been completely re-created. Going from 3 three-day workshops to 2 two-day workshops. This new format condenses all the techniques from the original program and focuses on developing each body system more thoroughly.  This also includes problems in each system, integration with other systems as well as, recognizing the energetic signatures of the organs and tissues. 

You will learn the location, structure, function, vibrational energy, and associated symbology of the organs and body systems, while learning many new treatments. All of this brings a deepening knowledge of the miracle of the physical human body and  its energy systems . The more you really understand anatomy and the specific energy of different parts of the body, the more specific your guidance.  This enables you to support your clients  with faster and deeper releases at all levels.

Level One covers the skin, muscles, bones, digestive, cardiovascular and digestive systems. 

Level Two covers the endocrine, nervous, lymphatic, urinary and reproductive systems. These energy techniques go deeper into the body and address specific areas correlating with clients diagnosis or deep concerns. 


One anatomy student said, “This has really deepened my healing work--I have new insights on how the body works.”  Another said, “This has completely changed the way I feel about my body--it feels completely new”.  Working deep in the bones creates releases of some old patterns--one student said her body structure adjusted all night after receiving the class treatment.  Energetically cleansing the liver can bring up old anger for release as it clears out toxins on all levels. 

Getting acquainted energetically with the cardiovascular system is a profound experience, and the energy field in the classroom pulses with the etheric heart beat.  Students are amazed at how they can actually energetically feel the difference between the liver, stomach, pancreas, intestines, kidneys, etc.  It 's  exciting when former students say that they use the knowledge and new treatments all the time, and find it was one of the most valuable workshops they have ever taken.

Upcoming Level 1 classes

Level 1

March 21-22, 2020  Everett, WA USA                         

Instructor Anna-Marie Newman  RN, LMT, HTCP/I

PrerequisiteHealing Touch Level 3, or similar energy therapy practice and permission of instructor or coordinator. There are still openings for the March, Level 1 workshop.

Continuing Education Contact Hours Approved for 16 CE Contact Hours for nurses and massage therapists. 

Coordinator Information
Contact Pamela Drake at 206-390-7612 or Pdrake50@aol.com for more 

information about this class, the cost of the class, and to register. 


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